It is with heavy hearts that we write this, but the shutdown in response to COVID-19 has had greater impact on our small business than we anticipated and unfortunately, Thistle Do Nicely Shop will not re-open after the ban is lifted.

We knew that at some point emotions had to be put aside and we had to look at situations with a logical mind. Without the festivals and Highland games continuing, our business was no longer sustainable.

We are devastated to see it go, but also extremely grateful for the connections and experiences it has brought us through our brief TDN life.

Our online store will remain open until we no longer have the inventory to do so.

Deep discounts on everything, and we are also offering Bulk Buys for entire inventory selections (Contact for price).


All sales are final.


We are also selling non merchandise equipment, materials, tables, tents, etc.

Thank you again for your patronage.



Kitt & Andi Norwich